Our Web Design Process

Web Design and Development with Everplex Media LLC can be broadly categorized into six stages: Discovery, Planning, Framework, Design, Testing, and the Delivery & Maintenance stage. Having a clear picture of your project and an organized path to completion ensures that you receive an excellent and beautiful website which will ultimately help you convert more clients.

Below you can read more details about our six stages of web design and development, which can help you better understand what goes into building your website and helps you know what to expect for the duration of your project.

Our Six Stages For Web Design & Development

STAGE 1:  Discovery

Our first step in our web design and development process is Discovery. This is where you explain your needs to us and clarify all the ideas you have for your website, and we make sure that we both have a clear understanding of your web design needs and your vision for your site.

STAGE 2:  Planning

The next stage of our web design process is the Planning stage. During this stage I take all the information you have given me and begin to organize the information and begin to innovate and come up with the best design for your site.

STAGE 3:  Framework

During the Framework stage there is not as much communication for large projects, as this stage requires much more coding and technical aspects. During this stage I perform web development and server administration such as configuring file systems, and then on to configuring the databases.

STAGE 4:  Design

During the Design stage, web development continues and the framework is usually uploaded to the website if it was built locally (offline). The website at this stage is beginning to take form, and the creative web design work occurs during this stage in the web design process.

STAGE 5:  Testing

As we approach the end of the project and the site is approaching completion, the testing stage begins. This stage is dedicated to ensuring proper functionality of your website, ironing out the code, and maximizing user experience. It is also a time to follow up on any last concerns you may have.

STAGE 6:  Delivery & Maintenance

The final stage of your project is the delivery and maintenance stage. At this stage the website is complete, but I allow you to give input of any further concerns before you make the final payment and the project is concluded. It also includes regular backups and other maintenance to ensure your site continues working beautifully.

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Our Web Design Goals

  • Grow your business' online presence
  • Ease of use and beautiful designs
  • Provide excellent support
  • Promote a great online experience for visitors
  • Improve your professional image
  • Maintain Affordability
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