Themes, Extras, & UI Design

Just when you thought it couldn't possibly get any sweeter than the awesome website design, graphic design, tech support, server administration, and other great services by Everplex Media, you are once again pleasantly surprised as you see the gift that keeps on giving.

Below is a compilation of various themes, free for you to download, for Windows 7, Facebook, and Google Chrome. Why free? Because we love you.

Please feel free to donate to ensure further development of these and more great new themes and other extras!

Facebook Themes for Google Chrome by Everplex Media

To install themes themes, simply install the Chrome extension.

Windows 7 Themes by Everplex Media

To install a Windows 7 theme by Everplex, you need to perform several steps:

1) Patch your theme files.
    Use This Tool to patch your theme files for 32-bit Windows 7.
    Use This Tool to patch your theme files for 64-bit Windows 7.
2) Restart Your Computer.
3) Download one or more of the themes below, and UNZIP the folder to your Desktop. You may need 7-Zip to unzip the folder.
4) Copy both the Theme Folder, and the .theme file to your C:/Windows/Resources/ folder.
    For example, copy both the EverplexDark folder, and EverplexDark.theme to that directory.
5) Right-click on Desktop, choose "Personalize", and scroll down to try out your new theme!

Everplex Obfuscator/Deobfuscator

Obfuscates or Deobfuscates Javascript/HTML/CSS/URL/Etc. with Base64/URL/Hex Encoding.

... Base 64 ...
... URL ...
... Hex ...
Please donate to help us pay server costs if this helped you.

Tested in:

v.3 to v.24
v.10 to v.30

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